Simplify your Accounting with Chargebee and Xero

On Demand Webinar

The subscription model has changed how finance teams work. The demands on finance teams have outgrown from just closing books and producing financial reports. They are now expected to handle complex billing scenarios, complicated revenue recognition and also accommodate for changes in pricing models. 

Subscription accounting poses complexities that even a powerful and proven accounting software such as Xero can’t handle on its own. New age finance teams have begun to look beyond siloed accounting software and spreadsheets and moved onto platforms that consolidate and simplify their needs.

In this webinar, we discuss a particular integration that’s reinventing and simplifying how finance teams in Subscription businesses work.

Key Takeaways :

  1. Finance for Subscription Businesses - Fundamental differences and common challenges  
  2. How Chargebee can be leveraged by Finance teams
  3. Deep dive into Chargebee - Xero Integration


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