Demystifying SaaS Finance and Accounting

On Demand Webinar

As subscription businesses scale and evolve, the complexities of accounting and reporting are also evolving. With SaaS companies worrying about metrics such as Cost of Customer Acquisition, Life Time Value of a Customer, and Customer Churn Rate, SaaS CFOs are moving to a more customer-centric reporting model.

Revenue Recognition is another problem that will remain complex if there is not a seamless data flow between the multiple systems that are crucial for revenue reporting. Accounting Software isn’t the single source of truth anymore. SaaS CFOs are now reliant on a tech stack that integrates seamlessly to help them comply with the evolution of reporting. 

Watch this webinar where we discuss how to adapt to the SaaS approach that is redefining the finance function.

Key Takeaways:

1. The new age subscription metrics - How to access and derive insights out of it

2. Revenue Recognition in SaaS - What do you need to be ASC 606 compliant?

3. How to build the right tech stack for SaaS Finance and Accounting and streamline your finance operations at scale

Karthik Srinivasan

Director of Finance, Chargebee


Prasanth Kothari

Product Manager, Chargebee