Get Absolute Certainty Regarding Your ASC 606 Readiness

On Demand Webinar

Winter is here, and so is the deadline for becoming ASC 606 compliant. While public firms must already be compliant, private firms are required to start reporting their revenue compliant with ASC 606 from Q1, 2019. But the challenges are many, particularly for subscription businesses - from setting up the right performance obligation contracts, handling one-time/set up costs to factoring in costs of acquiring a contract.  

We're bringing to you Tom Zauli, Senior Vice President at Softrax. Softrax automates revenue recognition for some of the biggest enterprises in the world.

Whether you are on the cusp of becoming compliant, or still finding your way through the complexities, this webinar will provide an opportunity to get answers to your questions live. 

Key Takeaways : 

  1.  The definitive go-live checklist to ensure you have got all grounds covered for ASC 606 compliance
  2. Behind schedule? Tom will guide you on how to fast-track your implementation
  3. An AMA session to where you can ask your questions live and get expert advice on ASC 606.

Tom Zauli

Senior Vice President, Softrax